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Unlock Your Full Potential with Angel House Australia

Updated: Apr 23

Unlock Your Full Potential with Angel House Australia Do you feel like the stresses of your daily life are getting too much to handle? Are you struggling to reach your full potential? Look no further than Angel House Australia Foundation. This organization provides mental health services and support to individuals in need, helping them unlock their full potential and transform their lives. One of Angel House Australia's unique features is its use of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy. This innovative approach combines therapy with interactions with horses, nature, and domestic animals. The therapeutic benefits of working with animals have been well-documented. At Angel House Australia, they have harnessed the power of this connection to help individuals overcome challenges and achieve their self-identified goals. Imagine spending time in the serene and peaceful surroundings of Angel House Australia. Whether looking for short-term accommodation or a weekend away, Angel House Australia provides the perfect setting to unwind and recharge. Angel House Australia is led by Mel Mardon, a registered Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner and Provider with the NDIS. With a remarkable twenty-six years of experience, Mel Mardon has demonstrated proven outcomes and amazing results in helping clients transform their lives. Her expertise and unique approach to therapy are the driving forces behind the transformative experiences offered by Angel House Australia. Angel House Australia goes beyond Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. We collaborate with various providers to offer a comprehensive range of programs. These include Behaviour Intervention Intensive Support, Work Experience & Horsemanship Training, Psychosocial Program, Effective Parenting Program, and STA/Respite Program. By working with a team of professionals, Angel House Australia ensures that each individual receives the support and services they need to unlock their full potential. So, if you're ready to unlock your full potential and transform your life, look no further than Angel House Australia. With their unique approach to therapy, beautiful accommodations, and dedicated team of professionals, they are here to support you on your journey. Take a step towards a brighter future and discover the transformative experiences that await you at Angel House Australia.

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