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Welcome to Angel House Australia Foundation, where we are dedicated to helping people through a unique combination of nature, horses, and counseling. With over 26 years of experience, I am a Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner, Counsellor, Life Coach, CBT Practitioner, PTSD Counsellor, Equine Assisted Psychotherapist and Author. I am also an active member of various professional networks, including the Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN), where I am co-coordinator of the MHPN network, Blacktown with Prof Vlasios Brakoulisas, Executive Director Mental Health for the Western Sydney Local Health District, and the Australian Counseling Association (ACA) and an executive member of the Australian Community Counselling Association (ACCA). Let me help you find success with my "outside the box" approach.

My Story

My journey in Australia started seven years ago, after my two eldest sons were murdered one year apart. This led to my decision of relocating to Australia with my youngest and only remaining child to give him a new chapter to life. Being the tenacious and enthusiastic person that I am though, it of course presented me with a whole new chapter to my life as well. To honour my two eldest sons' memory, I worked and upskilled to meet Australian requirements and standards in an effort to secure a positive and sound future for my youngest son. I believe that anything is possible in life, with faith, hard work, relentless effort and despite what life throws at us. Of course my lived experience affected me as a mother, however it made me more determined to give back to the community and lead the way in ensuring others found the tools, skills and strength to deal with and even overcome their life challenges. I am a very spiritual individual, which has been my saving grace since I also believe each person's belief system is a very personal journey and I live mine with respect for those I am blessed to encounter, as I expect them to respect mine. I have absolutely no need to judge any person, regardless of their age which is why I am completely inclusive in my approaches and business model. This journey has led me, my husband and son to Reibycroft at the end of 2023, where I established a home for Angel House Australia Foundation and I invite you to come visit and explore the magic of this incredible place with us and feel your soul revived and rejuvenated.

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