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Angel House Australia Provides a safe place just for you

We strive to take a family inclusive approach to healing. Respite, also known as Short Term Accommodation & Assistance (STA) is a great way for family or carers to take a short break from their daily routine. Through this service you are able to access emergency accommodation during those times when you may require temporary supports that are different from your usual arrangements. Respite enables you to achieve independence and achieve your goals in a supported environment. Whilst there are many reasons for seeking STA, the service is designed to assist you and those who support you. Respite can assist with unexpected emergencies, housing gaps, transitional periods or allowing primary caregivers and people with a disability the time to temporarily focus on other responsibilities. Angel House Australia Foundation offers those with behavioural difficulties or a collapse of their domestic circumstances, the opportunity to partake in our STA program which offers various options to NDIS participants, families and care givers to resolve any difficulties or challenges and work with us to find solutions for your unique situation and circumstances. We embrace people into a a picturesque acreage setting where we combine equine assisted psychotherapy (horse therapy), horsemanship training, animals and domestic pets as part of our strategies to engage and attain healing. Aside from this there is a games room, crafts room, gardening, assistive technology and physical outdoor activities - all of which add to the overall experience to enhance your stay. Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, PTSD Counselling and Life Coaching are added supports each participant can benefit from. Animal and Behavioural Therapy are effective tools in dealing with intellectual disabilities, drug and alcohol abuse and other behaviours of concern as well.Angel House Australia Foundation have various partnership collaborations to ensure we meet every individual's needs, expectations and goals, whether it is therapy supports, physical support or emotional supports. We strive to achieve a holistic approach with every participant we work with. We offer three types of STA Accommodation and Assistance: 

Respite accommodation and assistance

Emergency accommodation and assistance

Short-term accommodation and assistance





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