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Private Horseriding Lessons

Private lessons cater to both children and adults seeking to enhance their riding skills. Each lesson has a duration of 45 minutes, encompassing the time needed to prepare the horse for the lesson while offering necessary assistance. We emphasize the importance of developing horsemanship and the essential riding skills for all riders. Lessons can be scheduled on the hour. Throughout your private lesson, your instructor will guide you in establishing balance, comfort, and gradually progressing through the dynamics of learning to ride.

What to expect

In our lessons, we emphasize learning about horsemanship and how to properly care for your horse. Each session begins with the rider saddling their own horse and preparing it for the riding lesson. New riders will receive guidance on the proper procedures. Our dedicated instructors will educate you on understanding horses' body language and behavior, helping you become a knowledgeable, safe, and confident rider. Our lessons prioritize mastering the essential riding skills and position, laying a solid foundation for advancing to higher levels. Starting from this groundwork, you will progress to learning to walk, trot, and canter.


Standard lessons are weekdays from 9am to 3pm in Winter and 9am to 7pm in Summer.

Peak lessons are Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 5pm in Winter, 10am to 7pm in Summer and weekdays 3pm to 5pm in Winter and 3pm to 7pm in Summer.


Child Pricing


5 to 13 years

Mon - Fri & Weekends

  • Standard 9am - 3pm  $95

  • Peak       3pm - 5pm  $120


Adult Pricing


13+ years

Mon - Fri & Weekends

  • Standard 9am - 3pm  $110

  • Peak       3pm - 5pm  $135


Child Pricing Summer

5 to 13 years

Mon - Fri & Weekends

  • Standard 9am - 3pm  $95

  • Peak       3pm - 7pm  $120


Adult Pricing Summer

13+ years

Mon - Fri & Weekends

  • Standard 9am - 3pm  $110

  • Peak       3pm - 7pm  $135

What to wear

Do I need my own helmet?

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of helmets available for your lesson. If you plan to take regular lessons, it's advisable to consider investing in your own.

What do I wear to my lesson?

We suggest that for your comfort, full-length leggings, jeans, or well-fitted pants like jodhpurs are ideal. Layering with a t-shirt, long-sleeved top, or jacket on top is also recommended for your convenience.

What footwear do I need?

We kindly ask that all attendees wear covered shoes with a small heel or boots, as they are considered essential for the event.

Are there age or weight restrictions?

At Angel House Australia, we cater for children to adults aged 5 to 90! With a maximum weight of 80 kg.


Angel House Australia offers free onsite parking for parents and carers. Please always ensure to shut the gate behind you upon arrival and when you leave.

Waiting areas

We offer waiting areas for parents and carers - please ask our staff to point them out to you if it is your first time visiting. For your own safety and that of others, no-one is allowed to roam around unattended.

We work with horses, so please do not wait with small children, have them run around or scream as it can scare the horses and other animals. No children are allowed to chase, tease or feed any of our animals.

(There are shops, restaurants, nurseries and parks nearby for parents/carers wanting to wait with siblings.)

Rules & Regulations

  • Absolutely no running or screaming. Angel House Australia is a calm evironment, with calm animals and people. Chaos breeds chaos, so we avoid it at all costs.

  • No entering of the stables, paddocks or roundyard without an AHA coach present at all times.

  • No entering of any unauthorized areas in the residence, feedroom or any other areas of the property.

  • Safety first - follow the rules, instructions and safety guidelines and we will keep you safe.

  • Always wear your riding helmet, long pants, jodhpurs, closed shoes, or boots, jumper or t-shirt. No exeptions. If you are not appropriately dressed, there will be no riding on the day.

  • Be polite, respectful to humans and animals and put your rubbish in the assigned bins.

  • You saddle up your own horse (under supervision and guidance).

  • Pack your own tack and gear away after riding.

  • Arrive equipped with a good, positive attitude that no-one knows more than anyone else - we are spending time together to learn, have fun, enjoy ourselves and to bond with the horses.


  • Working with and around horses can be dangerous, even when you follow the rules.

  • Please sign our Disclaimer prior to commencing your first lesson.

  • Ensure you have a signed Service Agreement in place prior to commencing lessons.

  • Fill out and sign our Clien Information form with Medicare and other important contact information in case of an emergency.

  • Angel House Australia does not take responsibility or liability for any lost or stolen personal items brought to a horseriding lesson.

  • Every effort is made to mitigate any safety risks, however in the event of injury (mild or serious) or death, Angel House Australia, it's management and/or volunteers/staff cannot be held liable in any way legally or otherwise.

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