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Peer Development Program

The Angel House Australia Peer Development Program is a person centered program consisting of a 

one-hour session each week for a duration of 12 weeks.  This program aims to resolve behavioural challenges

 and behaviours of concern by using a structured approach and positive behaviour interventions in working 

towards attaining a specific outcome or goal.  No two people are the same and therefore we approach one

 challenge at a time.  Parents and caregivers need to allow for extended time to this program where numerous

 issues or challenges may require attention and to be addressed. This program is presented by Mel Mardon, a 

registered provider with the NDIS in behaviour support, counsellor, cognitive behavioural therapist and life coach,

who offers 25 years of working with children, young people and adults. The program includes:

Social skills development and participation


Confidence building (often by incorporating Equine Assisted Psychotherapy - EAP)


Animal therapy


Horsemanship training


Restitution (learning to take ownership for behaviours)

Self-acceptance and self-awareness


Emotional development and regulation skills


Positive behaviour intervention and supports


Effective communication skills


Mindfulness development and training


Exposure therapy

Sometimes all it takes is an outside perspective and someone who is willing to listen without judgement to bring

about the shifts in behaviours that are needed. As parents/carers/family, we may be to closely involved in the situation

 and if you add challenging daily life challenges, you could find yourself in trouble. This is where AHAF presents you

 with the opportunity to step back for a bit and receive the much needed supports to resolve your challenges

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