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Parental Program

The Parental Program was designed to enhance the parenting skills of parents/carers/family in the challenging task of navigating the adolescent and teenage years of their child into early adulthood.  Research has proven that all children crave active listening from their parents more than anything else in the world. We help those in this role to gain a deep understanding and provide insights into the developmental stages, developing mind and emotional state of your adolescents, teens and young adults. At times positive behaviour intervention supports may be the answer to dissolve a breakdown in the family relationship. Furthermore, we explore difficult subjects like sexuality, sexual preferences, cultural challenges and difficulties in a modern world and provide guidelines in how to address and manage it all. Sibling rivalry, diversity, bullying and other factors are also addressed.  So feel free to reach out and see if this program is the right fit for you. No-one can tell you how to raise your child, but there is no shame in getting help when you feel overwhelmed and anxious about your relationship with your youth.

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